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Ask Janet
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 Most Recently Answered Questions

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Question Asked

139 |
Hi Janet,
I recently purchased a mink stole from an antique store. It's a gem and I hope to give it to my daughter as a present. Unfortunately, it has a musty odor to it. How can I get rid of it ?
Thanks so much!
Dia from Chicago
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138 |
Hi Janet. I have some cute vintage hats, but I'm never sure what is the front and what is the back. Does the label go in a certain direction, or do you have another helpful hint? Thank you so much for your help!
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137 |
Hi Janet, I am wearing a vintage gown with a train to an annual awards banquet for my company. The train is a seperate piece of fabric permenantly attached at the lowest part of the back. The material matches the black fabric of the dress on top, and the underside is salmon pink. Someone told me that I should wear the train over my arm? Could you tell me what to do with the train 1. When walking 2. When sitting 3. When receiving awards 4. If dancing. Thanks!
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136 |
Hi Janet. I have a hot, 1930's-style jazz trio called The Red Top Trio, and we're looking for a catchy shirt to wear for our first photo shoot. Could you recommend something?
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135 |
How do I get the musty smell out of an old Hermes sweater? I already tried vinegar and that didn't work- please help- I would love to wear this but the smell!
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134 |
Dear Janet, I am interested in buying vintage Pucci dresses, especially the circa '60 and '70 pieces. Do you have any tips for me to spot the genuine items and the price range they should be?
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133 |
Hi Janet, I have a simple black dress that I'll be wearing to a school dinner. I don't want to look overdressed, so what accessories should I add to spice up my look?
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132 |
Hi Janet. I have just bought a beautiful vintage 50's dress for my prom. I have my hair and shoes all sorted. I would also like to know whether girl's in the 50's wore anything over their dresses; my proms soon and the weather is predicted as pretty cold so I would not mind having something to keep away the evening chills!!
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131 |
I bought a vintage Pucci dress recently. I'm beginning to think it might be a nightgown. It has a white background and aqua, turqoise, green and blue geometric triangles. It has a v neck and is just below the knee and is very sheer. It came with a jacket to match. The jacket has long sleeves and a ruffled button down, also very sheer. I am planning to wear it to an event. I will need to wear some kind of slip under it. It has a label Emilio Pucci for Formfit Rogers and of course the EPFR little stamps all over. Is this a dress or a nightgown?
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130 |
Hello Janet,
I have a silk embroidered bed-jacket (hand-stitched in china) and a sheepskin jacket, hand-embroidered from Poland. Each belonged to my grandmother and so qualify as vintage. They both need repair and then cleaning. I don't know who to trust to deal with these pieces. as they are family heirlooms I am looking for someone in nyc who can treat them exactly as they need. Can you advise me on where to take them in nyc? Thank you so much.
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129 |
My husband and I are going to a dinner at someone's house celebrating the house being 100 years old. We need to dress for that time and I have no idea what to wear. Help!
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128 |
I'd like to know what "dead stock vintage" is. Thanks!
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127 |
Hello Janet! I LOOOVEE your site! I've ALWAYS LOVED VINTAGE FASHION but I have no idea what kinds of clothes to buy, especially because there are no vintage shops here in my city. I would like to ask what are the vintage fashion essentials or must haves (clothes and accessories) for a 16 year old like me or for teens? Where do you suggest I can purchase these (cheap prices)? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
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126 |
I have been a member of the Fashion community for 10 year. I know the value of quality clothing. What basic advice would you give to someone who wants to open a vintage shop?
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125 |
Please tell me how I can wear a 1950's swing dress without looking like I stepped out of a time machine? I want the vintage/modern look. Bought the dress, and have no clue how to wear it!

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124 |
I have found a beautiful 1940's dress for prom and would love to look the part of a 40's starlet, but I am having difficulty in finding something to do with my hair and makeup. Any suggestions would be great!
thank you,Brittany
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123 |
I have a 50's organza dress with a few spots on the skirt. I am unsure of the composition of the spots but believe they may be old wine or food. They dress has no content or care label. How do you suggest that I get it cleaned?
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122 |
I recently acquired a number of beautiful vintage ties from the widow of her deceased husband. Unfortunately, they have a musty odor. Is there a simple way to remove the odor wothout spending a fortune on drycleaning?
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121 |
How do you do Marilyn Monroe's makeup step by step?
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120 |
Dear Janet,My boyfriend and me are going to a new years eve dance party in A'dam. The style of the party is gangster. Could you suggest us how to wear?
Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

Best regards

Ilaria - Milan - Italy
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