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Question ID# - 124


 I have found a beautiful 1940's dress for prom and would love to look the part of a 40's starlet, but I am having difficulty in finding something to do with my hair and makeup. Any suggestions would be great!
thank you,Brittany


  We love vintage looks for prom! I asked beauty guru Gabriela Hernandez of Besame Cosmetics for her 40s startlet beauty tips... "For a classic 40's hair style for short to medium length hair try curling the top back and away from the face and curl the ends and flip up. You can also part the hair and use pin curls around the front to highlight your face. If you have long hair, try a pageboy look. Set your hair with large rollers and when the hair is dry, comb the hair smooth and flip the ends under. Use a side part and a smooth wave in the front." Brittany can also add a sparkly barrette for extra glam. "For make-up, keep the eyes simple and highlight the lips for a starlet look. Use light shimmer shadow on the lids and curl lashes. Apply several coats of mascara. Use a pink, rosy blush and finish with a semi-matte red lipstick." Visit the Besame Cosmetics website for more inspiration and great products.

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Answered On:
5/4/2005 10:17:11 AM


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