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Ask Janet
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Ask Janet, FASHIONDIG's resident style expert, all your vintage fashion, beauty and style questions... she may have the answer you're looking for.

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 Most Viewed Questions

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Question Asked

121 |
How do you do Marilyn Monroe's makeup step by step?
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25 |
Hi Janet. I am infatuated with styles of the 40's, 50's and 60's. My wardrobe is bursting with beautiful vintage finds, but i'm having trouble doing my hair and makeup. I want to re-create the looks of the movie startlets, but need major help!
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35 |
I found an authentic fifties tea length, pouffy, strapless dress for the prom, and have been able to find appropriate shoes, gloves, and a bag for the style, but I haven't been able to find an appropriate hairstyle to match. Could you help? I have medium-long hair.
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100 |
I love the silent film starlet look. I've got everything down except for the pallor mortis. How did women achieve the ultra white skin back then? I've been using an over the counter skin whitener, but I wondering if there were other options.
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13 |
My sister's prom is in two weeks, and she is planning to go dressed as a flapper. The problem is that we can't seem to find a suitable harstyle for her because she does not want to cut her curly, shoulder length hair. She plans to wear a hat or headband. Any suggestions?
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124 |
I have found a beautiful 1940's dress for prom and would love to look the part of a 40's starlet, but I am having difficulty in finding something to do with my hair and makeup. Any suggestions would be great!
thank you,Brittany
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106 |
As a teenager in the 60's and 70's, we prized clothing that came with a ladybug pin. What was the name of the clothing line?
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37 |
I recently acquired a magazine clutch purse. It features a magazine cover of Essence magazine (the largely popular African-american magazine). I have no idea of its worth or even where to look to determine it. Please help!

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61 |
I am kinda confused on what glam rock clothes are supposed to look like.
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15 |
I am getting married this summer and we are having a 70's theme. The whole thing is based around a powder blue tux with ruffle shirt. The 70's had a wide range of fashion trends and I can't seem to find out what part of the 70's we need to focus on - early, mid, late? It will make all the difference in what I wear and what we request our guests to wear.
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134 |
Dear Janet, I am interested in buying vintage Pucci dresses, especially the circa '60 and '70 pieces. Do you have any tips for me to spot the genuine items and the price range they should be?
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28 |
I have been looking for some good images of short Vidal Sassoon haircuts from the sixties and I am having a really hard time. I know there was a coffee table book about the 60's that had fabulous photos but I can't find it or the name of the publisher. Can you help?
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75 |
Can you tell me about Jacqueline de Ribes?
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84 |
What are the different hairstyles of the 1970s?
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69 |
I've been trying to make myself up like a 20s Flapper lately. I have the clothes and makeup down, but I can't seem to get my hair to look right! It's the right length, but looking through pictures they did other things to their hair besides just cutting it--a popular look seems to have been straight hair worn close to the head at the top but curled around the ears and neck. I can not figure out how anybody managed to do these styles!!
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49 |
I want to get my hair cut like Marilyn Monroe's but can't find any pictures of her haircut. Also, what would I have to use to get my hair so blondish white?
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139 |
Hi Janet,
I recently purchased a mink stole from an antique store. It's a gem and I hope to give it to my daughter as a present. Unfortunately, it has a musty odor to it. How can I get rid of it ?
Thanks so much!
Dia from Chicago
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41 |
I've just bought a Chanel gold chain belt (115cm long and very heavy) with the Chanel CC logo which is very classic but have no idea how to mix and match. Waiting for your recommendations!
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113 |
Janet, My roommate and I work at a small very trendy retro bar. The basic bar consists of disco lights with black leather couches and lime green couches. My question is this, our uniforms are all black tops, mini skirts and gogo boots. Which we hate!!!! Not only are the boots extremely hard to work in, but the sexual harassment level is out of control. We have finally convinced the owner to a uniform change that everyone can agree on. But we need ideas. The owner wants tight, revealing uniforms, we want practical but flattering uniforms. any suggestions?

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46 |
I love Vera designs, but I cannot find any information about this textile designer. Please help!
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