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Ask Janet

Ask Janet
Have a Vintage Fashion Dilemma?
Looking for Retro Beauty and Style Tips?

Ask Janet, FASHIONDIG's resident style expert, all your vintage fashion, beauty and style questions... she may have the answer you're looking for.

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Question Asked

12 |
I am going to see Luciano Pavarotti in concert in about a month and I was wondering if there is any dress code that I should follow...I know I have to dress up, but I don't exactly know what to wear...Please help!
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14 |
I'm in a fix, I just returned my prom dress for a smaller size because I lost weight since I bought it. I love the dress and style but I now realize that the spaghetti straps and binding need to be longer. It's a low back dress so the straps are a must. It's a taffeta dress and the straps are made of the same fabric and color (rolled really thin.) Is there anything that I/my Mom (we both sew) can do without risking ruining the straps or have them break before I even get to the dance? Help!!
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19 |
I just brought a prom dress that has glitter on it. Please send me some tips on how to keep the glitter on the dress and not me...I really don't want to shed at prom.
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22 |
Hello Janet, We have a party and the invitation says black tie. What should we wear?
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39 |
I have tons of old jeans in my closet that I can still wear but they are too plain. How can I turn those plain ugly jeans into something fashionable?
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40 |
I'm going to the Kentucky Derby the first week of May. My host has box seats and we will be chauffered by limo to and from the grounds. I've never attended the Derby and don't have a clue as to what to wear - besides a hat ! Can you give me some suggestions?

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41 |
I've just bought a Chanel gold chain belt (115cm long and very heavy) with the Chanel CC logo which is very classic but have no idea how to mix and match. Waiting for your recommendations!
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43 |
I am going to a wedding and have a dark gray suit. What colour shirt and tie can I wear?
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44 |
Where can I find the same material shirts and those shown in the movie Casino?
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45 |
I have a bunch of suits that my Great Aunt had made for her. Also hats and blouses to match. My Great Aunt was born in 1905...very prim and proper...never wore pants/slacks in her life! What would you suggest about selling them? Auction? Advertisement? I would appreciate any advice you have to offer.
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57 |
I want to start wearing hats, they're so much fun. Which one's are in style this year?
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58 |
Janet, give me a head start for winter. How can I update my winter coat from last year so it looks in style this year?
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60 |
I am going to a party tonight and tomorrow and i am sick of my hair being the some way please will you help me.
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67 |
I was surfing to find how to coordinate ties/shirts in a traditional sense (vs. Regis).
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78 |
What are the retro trends on the runways at the moment? Do you know of any designers that incorporate retro into their collections?
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87 |
I read in the Harper Bazaar that we could get old magazines from your site...where and how??
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90 |
Janet, I have the problem of matching ties with shirts. Can you please explain which tie colour goes with what shirt colour?
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102 |
I love to design my own clothes, especially dresses. It's just for fun, but maybe one day I'll do something with it. The only problem is that I can't sketch the dresses without the outline of a person to draw them on. Is there anything I can buy that has the outline of a person so I can draw the clothes?
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101 |
I have my belly-button pierced and low-rise pants that don't bother it. The problem is I have several pairs of higher waist jeans. I know it's possible to remove the waistband of jeans with zippers but I'd like to know how.
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99 |
I have some plain old leather belts (brown) and they're so dull! How can I make them cool again?
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 About Janet

Janet Pytowski Janet Pytowski is a freelance fashion and beauty writer. She is the President of VIDCAT Productions, a company specializing in runway and archival fashion footage. Her company produced the documentary "Fashion Flashbacks!" that highlights fashion newsreels from the 1950s-1960s. Janet is a Press member of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and a Co-Founder of FASHIONDIG.

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