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Ask Janet

Ask Janet
Have a Vintage Fashion Dilemma?
Looking for Retro Beauty and Style Tips?

Ask Janet, FASHIONDIG's resident style expert, all your vintage fashion, beauty and style questions... she may have the answer you're looking for.

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15 |
I am getting married this summer and we are having a 70's theme. The whole thing is based around a powder blue tux with ruffle shirt. The 70's had a wide range of fashion trends and I can't seem to find out what part of the 70's we need to focus on - early, mid, late? It will make all the difference in what I wear and what we request our guests to wear.
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18 |
Our church is having a vintage tea party and we want some ideas on appropriate attire.
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21 |
Hi. I'm going to a murder mystery party set in London 1912. What, oh what, to wear?
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23 |
Hi Janet, I am planning a mock wedding for a couple married 50 years. Could you advise me on fashions for the bridal party? Were poodle skirts a 50's style? Your suggestions may be humorous since this is a mock wedding and the script has a great deal of wit in it.
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27 |
I am in the play West Side Story and I am portraying Anita. I was wondering about a good 50's Puerto Rican style for my character.
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34 |
Hi Janet, in August 2002 I will attend my parent's 50th wedding anniversary, it's a big event in town, they also celebrate the 150th anniversary of my town and we have to dress like my parents and their guests did in 1952. We will be driven by horses and antique car, it's in the country side (farmer) of Quebec, Canada. Do you have any idea what I should wear? What should my husband and our son, who will be almost 5 next year, wear?
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42 |
Dear Janet, can you please tell me what men wore in the 1950s as my husband and I have to attend a 1950s party. The dresscode is smart and elegant.
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46 |
I love Vera designs, but I cannot find any information about this textile designer. Please help!
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47 |
Can you recommend a good book on "identifying fabrics" from the 1800s and 1900s?
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50 |
I am going to a Sudio 54 party for Halloween and I need advice on what to wear. Can you help?
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53 |
We are throwing an 80s themed party and have no idea what to wear! Any suggestions for a group of 21 year old girls and guys?
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55 |
The theme for our school social is "Retro". I have no idea what to wear. Any ideas?
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61 |
I am kinda confused on what glam rock clothes are supposed to look like.
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71 |
I am attending a dress-up party with two friends soon, and we want to go as Charlie's Angels, looking casual but good...What should we wear?
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72 |
Help! I have this fantasy of a Mod wedding, but I'm having a hard time finding ideas for my groom and bridesmaids!
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73 |
I have a dilemma, well a number of dilemmas really. Being a dapper boy, I am most interested in the history of men's fashion. But alas, finding a good resource has proved impossible. I am interested in the history and variation of men's suits, in particlar those made in the 60s by Pierre Cardin (it's often forgot that he was a men's designer as well!)
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74 |
I am in charge of costumes for a version of the play "Sabrina Fair". It is set in the 1930s and I am having a little difficulty in finding styles suitable for wealthy men of that era.
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75 |
Can you tell me about Jacqueline de Ribes?
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76 |
My company is having a yearly kick off and the theme for the kickoff dinner is the 60's & 70's. How should I dress? I would prefer wearing pants.
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77 |
My friend is getting married and she wants the theme to be 1940s swing. She was thinking of having the wedding party dress to that theme. Do you have clothing examples that would be appropriate for a wedding?
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 About Janet

Janet Pytowski Janet Pytowski is a freelance fashion and beauty writer. She is the President of VIDCAT Productions, a company specializing in runway and archival fashion footage. Her company produced the documentary "Fashion Flashbacks!" that highlights fashion newsreels from the 1950s-1960s. Janet is a Press member of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and a Co-Founder of FASHIONDIG.

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