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Ask Janet
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11 |
Hi, I am taking my little girl to a Girl Scout father and daughter dance and the theme is based on the 70's as far as dress up goes and I forgot what we wore back in the days can you please refresh my memory. thank-you for what ever advice you could give me.
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17 |
My mother and I are making and selling handbags using vintage fabrics. I recently bought a slightly damaged but fabulous fur muff and thought we could add some fur trim to a few evening bags. The problem is I am having difficulty identifying the fur. I own and wear vintage mink and fox and beaver, but this is like none of them! Do you know of a book or website for help? Also, I would like to be able to clean it myself. The only fur cleaner in town charges 5 times what I paid for it and I would like to keep a reasonable profit margin. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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20 |
My uncle has his original varsity jacket from high school (early 1960's). He is trying to get a reproduction but wants the wool matched exactly. He has had one made and the arms did not have the seams and he claims the wool was "new wool" which is fuzzy. How can I match this fabric?
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26 |
I'm looking for a man's sport jacket with patches on the Steve McQueen wore in the 1968 movie Bullitt.
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32 |
A group of us, both male & female, are going to a 70s night in a few days. We have to dress in 70s gear. What can we wear and what hair styles or coloured wigs to we wear?
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33 |
I have just bought two vintage sweaters with heavy beading on them. I don't trust our dry cleaners around the area, what do I do? They are mixes of angora and cashmere. How do I care for these beautiful works of art?
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36 |
I'm visiting New York at the end of the year all the way from New Zealand... I am deeply passionate about clothes and can be found every Saturday lurking through the opshops and second hand stores of Wellington... I can't wait to land in New York and was wondering how I could get a run down of the best little jaunts in town for a little vintage clothes shopping... particularly interested in the 50s, 60s and 70s.
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48 |
I've been asked to find authentic Jefferson shirts for a friend. They are in a reenactment group and gung ho for the real thing! Where can I order these shirts?
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52 |
I so very much hope that you can help me. My daughter is getting married in March and I'm trying to find pictures of gowns (for me) from the 20s and 30s so I can pick a few and bring them to my dressmaker.
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59 |
I have great vintage sweaters, but I don't know how to store them. What's the best way to take care of them during the summer?
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64 |
I need to find resale shops located in the Chicago and Indiana area. I want to be stylish without spending lots of money.
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65 |
My mother has a fabulous gazelle trenchcoat from 1972 that I love to wear, but I want to get it cleaned. I don't really trust my drycleaner to do it. How can I go about getting the coat cleaned without ruining it?
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66 |
Do you know where in Hollywood that I can find a good Vintage store?
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68 |
My friend and I are going to be entrepreneurs. We would like to know where to begin to find clothes for our consignment shop?
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80 |
I'm doing a collection for school. My inspiration is vintage clothing. I was wondering if you would have any ideas on how I should go about getting information to better my knowledge on vintage clothing. What type of fabrics do you suggest that I buy? What type of silhouettes do you think I should use? Where do you suggest I shop for fabrics?
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88 |
Where can I find merchandise for a vintage store?
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94 |
Janet, have you ever heard of the term "snorkels" to describe a winter coat from the 70's? If so, could you tell me where I can find one?
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95 |
Janet, where can I get my grandmother's fur stole cleaned and re-lined?
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97 |
I have recently been given a mink beret which my mother-in-law inherited from her aunt. I think its from the 1950's. How do I look after it and is it valuable.
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98 |
I have an evening gown from the late 50's. It is strapless, about shin length and I have a matching scarf/shawl. I am pretty sure that when
it was worn in the 50's, it was worn with a petticoat. Is it recommended that I wear a petticoat?
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Janet Pytowski Janet Pytowski is a freelance fashion and beauty writer. She is the President of VIDCAT Productions, a company specializing in runway and archival fashion footage. Her company produced the documentary "Fashion Flashbacks!" that highlights fashion newsreels from the 1950s-1960s. Janet is a Press member of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and a Co-Founder of FASHIONDIG.

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