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Browse FASHIONDIG HELP for FAQ's, links and other resources that provide helpful information about using this site.
Helpful Resources

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Browse our FAQ database by asking a question. Questions that are similar to the one you asked will be shown. If you can not locate an answer you will be prompted to submit your question, and we will reply shortly. The FAQ database will be constantly expanded as we receive visitor questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping - Items Select This Topic

What does Vintage-Inspired mean?

Why do many of the vintage items have measurements rather than size information?

How do I know the condition of a particular item?

How do I obtain additional information about an item?

Where can I see more information about a particular item?

I can't get to the shopping pages when I click any of the "Shop BY" buttons. How do I get to the those categories?

Shopping - Ordering Select This Topic

Do you accept orders from countries outside the US?

Will you "HOLD" an item for me until I confirm my order with you?

Can I pay by check or money order?

What form of payment can I use to pay for items I want to purchase?

Will I have to register each time I place an order?

Do I have to register on FASHIONDIG in order to place an order?

Will I have to pay sales tax on my order?

Shopping - Shipping/Tracking Select This Topic

Can I track my shipment delivery?

How long does it take for the order to be shipped?

How much do you charge for shipping outside the US?

How much do you charge for shipping within the US?

Shopping - Returns Select This Topic

What is your Return Policy?

Is there a restocking fee for returned items?

The package and contents of an item I ordered was received damaged. What should I do?

Selling - Sign-up and Payment Select This Topic

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

What are the subscription rates?

I want to open a Shop on FASHIONDIG. Where do I start?

When does my shop subscription start?

What type of payment do you accept?

What if I change my mind after I signup?

Can I cancel a Shop Subscription?

Can I receive a refund for the sign-up fee?

How do I cancel a Shop Subscription?

How often am I billed for the Shop Subscription?

Selling - Shop Maintenance Select This Topic

Can I show live models in my item pictures?

How should I price items posted in my shop?

Should I price each item to include the 10% FASHIONDIG commission?

How do I maintain my shop?

I purchased a Premium Shop Subscription. What information can I post onto my About This Shop page?

I'm taking some of my merchandise to a show. Can I temporarily remove those items from my shop?

How many items can I post in my shop?

How often should I update my shop?

I'm going on vacation and won't be near a computer. Can I temporarily inactivate my entire shop?

How many images per item can I post?

How do I add and delete items from my shop?

Do I have to know how to use HTML or have any special programming skills to maintain my shop?

What do I do if I forgot my password to login to my Shop Administration Control Panel?

Selling - Order Processing & Fulfillment Select This Topic

Is there a restocking fee for returned items?

When do I get paid for the sold items?

How much will I be paid for each sold item?

I don't have the item FASHIONDIG sold from my shop. What happens now?

How is each sale processed?

Who ships the sold item?

What is the commission for FASHIONDIG on each item that is sold?

What about returns?

What is the payment method for my FASHIONDIG sales?

Selling - Shop Requirements Select This Topic

Do I need a Federal ID or sales tax number?

What tax forms do I need to provide?

What equipment and software do I need to open a shop?

How old do I have to be to open a shop?

Selling - Policies Select This Topic

What does Vintage-Inspired mean?

What are the advertising opportunities and discounts available for FASHIONDIG Shops to advertise on the site?

What items am I NOT able to post in my shop?

I'd like to have my own domain name that goes directly to my FASHIONDIG Shop when typed into the browser. How do I go about doing that?

Are there any size or weight restrictions on items that I post into my shop?

Do you accept vendors from outside the United States to open shops on FASHIONDIG?

What items can I sell in my shop?

Can I post Vintage-Inspired items into my shop?

I have my own website. Can I post the same items in my FASHIONDIG Shop as I have on my other website?

Do FASHIONDIG Shops get a discount on Featured Listings in the Store Locator or Links Directory?

What expenses should my item prices include?

What other policies are FASHIONDIG shops required to comply with?

I already have a website. Can I place a link to my site from my FASHIONDIG shop?

I already have a registered domain name and I'd like to have it redirected to my FASHIONDIG shop whenever someone types it into the browser. How do I do that?

Are there any FASHIONDIG Shop name restrictions?

Are there any FASHIONDIG Shop logo restrictions?

I already have a website. Can I link to my FASHIONDIG shop from my site?


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