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Sell vintage clothes to a worldwide audience. Display your items in a beautiful, online environment. Be part of an award winning fashion website that's a stylish mix of commerce, content and community. Open a shop on FASHIONDIG and you'll become a member of our successful community of vintage fashion retailers.

 Shop Guidelines and Policies

Open a shop on FASHIONDIG and sell your items to a worldwide audience. Here's how it works:

1. Sign-up and purchase a FASHIONDIG Shop Subscription.
2. Post items available for sale into your shop.
3. Customers purchase items from your shop though the FASHIONDIG shopping cart.
4. FASHIONDIG collects payment from the customer.
5. FASHIONDIG notifies you of all authorized sales.
6. Ship sold items as indicated on the packing slip received.
7. FASHIONDIG pays you for your sold items and a reimbursment for shipping charges incurred.

All shop owners must adhere to the following Shop Guidelines:

1. All FASHIONDIG shops will maintain their inventory to ensure that all items listed are available for sale.

2. Condition Grading Guidelines - Each item must adhere to our Condition Grading Guidelines

3. Measurement Guidelines - Each item's measurements must be based on our Size Charts and Measurement Guidelines

4. Shipping guidelines -

Each sold item must be shipped within 72 hours of notification to the shipping address indicated on the FashionDig packing slip. Shop owner will confirm shipment to the fulfillment center by entering the tracking number for each item shipped in the Shop Administration Control Panel.

All items must be neatly wrapped in tissue paper and the completed order must contain the FashionDig packing slip.

5. Answering inquiries -

Shops must respond to all inquiries from customers in a polite and timely fashion, within 24 hours barring unusual circumstances.

Shops cannot offer FASHIONDIG customers wholesale merchandise, personal services or solicit sales outside of FASHIONDIG.

6. Advertising -

Shops cannot place advertising of any type whatsoever on any part of their shop web pages. PREMIUM Shop Subscribers may place certain announcements and/or links on their "About This Shop" page such as Shop events, shows, and a link to their website or auction. PREMIUM PLUS Subscribers can place banner ads in rotation that link to their FASHIONDIG shop OR other website or auction page. Premium and Premium Plus shop subscribers may not include business or personal email addresses, telephone or fax numbers, or outside links other than those to Subscribers own website or auction.

7. Return Policy - Shops must agree to adhere to the FASHIONDIG Return Policy.

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