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FASHIONDIG is pleased to provide reviews, comments and recommendations for the latest books, movies and music relating to the world of fashion and style.

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Elvis Fashion: From Memphis to Vegas

ELVIS FASHION: From Memphis to Vegas

Julie Mundy

Universe Publishing

When you think of Elvis Presley, you think of the sensual lips, gravity-defying pompadour, and those swivelin' hips, but I bet you also have some vivid memories of what he wore.

From his sharp 50s threads to his Vegas jumpsuits emblazoned with embroidery and sequins, Elvis had an insatiable love of clothes and knew how to dress for maximum impact, both onstage and off.

His favorite designers found him a joy to dress because he loved being part of the design process, had an unerring eye, and provided lots of input. Legendary Hollywood costumer Edith Head said of him "... he was like a male version of Mae West- he knew the Elvis look... "

Amazingly, no one has ever documented the extraordinary Graceland® holdings of Elvis Presley's clothes, accessories, footwear, jewelry, uniforms and costumes. Author and archivist Julie Mundy was given unprecedented access in order to do just that, and the result is an absolutely fascinating sartorial accounting of Elvis, from the early years to his untimely end.

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- Article by Janet Pytowski


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