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 Shopper's News - Vintage Romance

Hello Fashion Diggers...

PUCCI Hot Pink Teddy from Mid Century ChicWe're feeling especially nostalgic this time of year, so we scoured the site for sexy lingerie that will add a bit of romance close to our skin. Here are some of our favorite pieces....

Check out the pretty Turn-Of-The-Century embroidered camisoles and lace petticoats, the collectible Flapper stockings, the sexy 30s 2-piece tap set (very Prada,) the fab 50s crinolines and bustiers, the 60s nighties and loungers and the great designer finds from the 70s including a hot pink Pucci teddy and funky bodysuits and dressing gowns in leopard prints.

 What's New

Victor Costa Oscar Gown from Off My Back...On the Rack Sunny M (In Earnest)just added a pretty 50s taffeta party dress and a dazzling sequined sweater into her shop... Off My Back... On the Rack added a Schiaparelli sweater and an Oscar-worthyVictor Costa gown as well as cool 50s men's overcoats... Orlando Vintage posted more terrific finds like an elegant 50s mink collar brocade coat, a 60s Russian-inspired suede Lillie Rubin coat and a 60s Mexican suede fringe poncho.

 New Shop Spotlight
Our newest shop just opened with a great selection of vintage-inspired handbags. Check out all the elegant evening bags including beaded, sequined, satin and mesh beauties.

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What's Hot
Furry Phones Furry
Our pick for all sweet talking Valentines! The Red Devil Furry Phone... at this time of year we like to call it the "sweetheart" phone.
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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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