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U.S. Flag Sunglasses from Via Vintage Hello Fashion Diggers!

Whether you are attending an Inauguration party, witnessing the event in person or viewing it on TV, January 20th calls for a little red, white or blue to celebrate this historical day. Browse the FashionDig site for a touch of patriotism.

A suit is always fitting for such an occasion. Ellen Christine Eclectic has a stunning 40s navy blue suit from the Queen of SuitsLilli Ann. The navy draped lapel is accented with a white stripe and the waist has a fitted peplum. Rhinestone buttons add that extra sparkle. Shop Sunny M for a two-piece mohair boucle shell and pencil skirt in a beautiful shade of red or try their chic royal blue boucle suit with a dyed-to-match Persian lamb collar.

Mark this day in a tomato red and navy 60s dress from Orlando Vintage. The design of the dress gives the illusion of a navy vest with red trim. Jump back a few decades to the 40s for a navy blue wool dress with sailor cut collar and patriotic gold star buttons.

Create maximum star appeal with a glamorous blue gabardine coat that is adorned with a lavish heart-shaped butterfly silver mink collar from The Mad Fashionista’s Plus Size Boutique or bundle up with this shop’s lipstick red wool Larry Levine coat. At Matinee-New York discover a stunning MOD 60s Courrèges dark royal blue wool twill coat or travel to the 50s to cover-up in a classic red swing with flower petal collar.

Cover yourself in stars, stripes and flags with a one-of-a-kind Mod style blouson jacket from Mid Century Chic. For a quieter patriot statement, Via Vintage has an outrageous pair of vintage sunglasses adorned with red, white and blue flag graphic designs.

What better way to commemorate this momentous occasion than decked out with a touch of vintage from the past.

- by Marsha D. Weiss/Metro Retro

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