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Hello Fashion Diggers...

Retro Doll Wendy Hil from Making A ComebackThe Must-Have item of the season is the dress... so we scoured the site for vintage finds that are pretty, chic, sexy and stylish. Here are some of our favorite picks from each decade:

Turn Of the Century: Edwardian lace and tea dresses
1920s: drop-waist florals, raw silk tunics, black day dress (from Debbie Harry's closet)
1930s: sheer chiffon florals, hand knits
1940s: floral rayons, bias cut silk, WW2 playsuit
1950s: floral shirtdresses, LBDs, floral sundresses
1960s: MOD knits, minis, slip dresses
1970s: Disco dresses, Pucci, Hawaiian prints
1980s: YSL, sundresses, sweater dresses
Don't miss the great selection of Vintage-Inspired dresses!

 New Shop Spotlight
Something Old and New:
This shop specializes in posting stylish, chic and affordable vintage clothing and accessories. Check out the black crochet dress, paisley peasant dress, Vera blouson, Mexican wedding dress, jersey wraps and stylish jewelry... all priced to sell!

 Show Alerts
Don't miss our favorite vintage clothing sales going on this weekend:

Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show and Antique Textile SaleEast Coast: Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show and Antique Textile Sale
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street (Between 6th & 7th Aves), NYC
February 3rd- 4th

Vintage Fashion ExpoWest Coast: Vintage Fashion Expo
Pico and Main, Santa Monica, CA
February 4th- 5th

 Ask Janet
Ask JanetQuestion Molly: I have a silk embroidered bed-jacket (hand-stitched in china) and a sheepskin jacket, hand-embroidered from Poland. Each belonged to my grandmother and so qualify as vintage. They both need repair and then cleaning. I don't know who to trust to deal with these pieces. as they are family heirlooms I am looking for someone in nyc who can treat them exactly as they need. Can you advise me on where to take them in nyc? Thank you so much.
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