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 Shopper's Alert - In The Trenches

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Pink Two-Tone Velvet Coat with Belt from Mad4ModThe trench is the must-have coat of the season so we scoured the site for vintage variations of the classic style.

Check out the luxurious pink velvet trench with matching belt, the 60s cream colored gabardine, the classic Bonnie Cashin raincoat, the Bohemian full-length suede coat and the outrageous 70s pleather maxi with B&W peace symbol print. Faux fur fashionistas will love the leopard print trench and the faux mink coat with leather trim and belt...don't miss the other cozy faux furs including the cow print coat, the leopard swing jacket, the elegant faux fox cape and the ultra-glam full-length faux sable coat.

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 Red Alert!

Spotlight on Valentines Day FASHIONDIG is on RED ALERT for February! There's something red on the site for just about everyone...check out the beaded, wicker and suede handbags, the great assortment of 60s skinny "Rooster" ties, the pretty party dresses, sexy red lingerie and much more!

 Ask Janet
Ask JanetQuestion Kelly: I just brought a prom dress that has glitter on it. Please send me some tips on how to keep the glitter on the dress and not me...I really don't want to shed at prom.
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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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