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Hello Fashion Diggers...

70S Averado Bessi Silk Dress from Miami Beach VintageVintage fashion lovers are always ready for the first signs of spring with floral print clothes and accessories. The site is stocked with flirty dresses, charming jewelry and embellished handbags...all in lush garden colors and striking floral designs. From sexy chiffon dresses to frilly skirts and silk brocade ensembles, here are some of our must-haves for spring:

Flirt to your heart's content in the Norma Kamali ruffled floral print skirt, the sexy 70s Victor Costa print violets dress and the elegant 50s floral silk brocade coat and dress ensemble. Look chic and stylish when you carry a beautiful floral print or jeweled handbag from American designers Enid Collins and Margaret Smith. For sport or resort checkout the Lilly Pulitzer charming floral print shifts, skirts and capris... and entertain in style with vintage Pucci or Bessi silk jersey floral print lounge dresses. Vintage 60s handbags in needlepoint, tapestry and embroidered floral designs will add a dash of spring to any outfit...and complete your spring wardrobe with a piece of jewelry like the charming handmade red bakelite rose with citrine pendant or jeweled Weiss pansy brooch.

 In The Press

In The Press FASHIONDIG is pleased to be included in the March issue of Real Simple as one of two websites listed as "Best for Vintage." In the Window Shopping feature Sara James writes, "Peruse this on-line bazaar of vintage dealers by decade, department, or designer... If you find something you like that's reasonably priced, don't mull over your decision for a week and expect the item to still be there." We agree; so start shopping!

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Ask JanetQuestion Bina: Dear Janet, can you please tell me what men wore in the 1950s as my husband and I have to attend a 1950s party. The dresscode is smart and elegant.
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