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Hello Fashion Diggers...

VALENTINO MILITARY- LIKE BELT from Marlene Wetherell Vintage Fashion & PhotographyThe belt is definitely the Must-Have accessory for the coming year! Wear a slim or wide belt at the waist for a new take on the full silhouette.

Browse the vintage belts on the site to add individual style to your entire wardrobe... check out the trendy wide military leather and jeweled Valentino, the zebra print patterned beauty, the classic suede Yves Saint Laurent, the engraved leather western, cool Victorian corset, colorful Carlo Fiori, vintage Dior and hippy corset belt with fringe. Of course, in a cinch, you can always dress up a ribbon with a sparkly rhinestone belt buckle.

 What's New

MISSONI 2 PIECE 70'S DRESS from Marlene Wetherell Vintage Fashion & PhotographyMarlene Wetherell Vintage Fashion & Photography:
Marlene posted a great selection of hard-to-find vintage 70s Missoni pieces including 2-piece dresses, an evening dress & coat, and classic patterned knit tops. Don't miss the red Patrick Kelly dress or the YSL trench.

Felt Circle Skirt from Ellen Christine EclecticEllen Christine Eclectic:
Ellen added a range of fabulous vintage finds-- from a silk Victorian bodice to a novelty knit 80s cardigan. Check out the chic little black dresses, the classic 40s gab raincoat, the sexy 30s tweed coat, grey silk Grace Kelly dress, and hot rocking 50s circle skirt in felt.

Gunne Sax Tafetta Party Dress from SUNNY M (IN EARNEST)SUNNY M (IN EARNEST):
Sunny updated her shop with a 50s iridescent taffeta party dress, a 40s tooled purse, a collectible Carol Stanley scarf, a chic black beaded sweater and a proper 50s boucle suit.

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