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 Shopper's Alert - Prom Fantasies

Hello Fashion Diggers...

80's Fab Floral Formal from A to Z CatwalkProm fantasies can come true, especially if you're looking for that one-of-a-kind confection to wear on your special night. We searched the site for Prom-Worthy gowns and accessories and found flapper dresses, pink chiffons, sexy halters, strapless gowns and beaded clutches... all at great prices!

Check out the evening gowns in fun polka-dots, pretty pink chiffons, Mod paisleys, hot pinks, flirty florals and dramatic blacks. Accessorize with a scarf, a pair of trendy chandelier earrings and long colorful gloves. Carry your prom essentials in a vintage evening purse of your choice... choose a gold box bag, silk clutch, tapestry purse or silver mesh handbag. HINT: Shoe clips can transform an ordinary pair of evening pumps into a footwear masterpiece!

Lucky male Fashion Diggers going to prom should check out the fab jackets like the vintage smoking jackets, the 60s tuxedo jacket and the 40s white dinner jacket. Add a skinny tie to complete a "Rat Pack" look or wear a pair of classy 40s cuff-links to bring out your Bogart-at-the-prom personality.

 Spotlight on - Celebrity Consignment: Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry Striped Sundress from Ellen Christine EclecticBe sure to catch our latest Designer Index listing: Celebrity Consignment. We're opening this category with a quick raid on Debbie Harry's vintage closet! This popular music scene icon (Blondie) always included vintage pieces in her personal wardrobe. She has graciously offered FASHIONDIG a small sampling of her collection to premiere this new category.

 Ask Janet
Ask Janet Question Joli: I'm in a fix, I just returned my prom dress for a smaller size because I lost weight since I bought it. I love the dress and style but I now realize that the spaghetti straps and binding need to be longer. It's a low back dress so the straps are a must. It's a taffeta dress and the straps are made of the same fabric and color (rolled really thin.) Is there anything that I/my Mom (we both sew) can do without risking ruining the straps or have them break before I even get to the dance? Help!!
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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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