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Hello Fashion Diggers...

CHRISTIAN DIOR Logo Brooch from Savoir FaireWe're always looking for special gifts for special people...especially this time of the year when Mother's Day and Graduations are just several weeks away. Make your gift extra special this year with vintage jewelry that's as unique as your mom or favorite graduate!

Give someone with a sparkling personality dazzling jewelry pieces like the Trifari rhinestone brooches, Hattie Carnegie jeweled earrings and 50s rhinestone earring and brooch sets. The Mod princess in your life will love the space-age silver necklaces and modernist pendants from the 60s. Chic A-type personalities (A for Audrey) will adore the pink Kramer beaded necklace and Schreiner daisy pin. For the Logo Lover in your life, check out the Dior logo brooch and rare Gucci bracelets with python trim. Disco darlings will flaunt the Whiting & Davis gold mesh necklaces and handbags and male graduates with flair will appreciate the sophisticated 40s cuff-links and tie clasp sets. Fashionistas will enjoy the trendy vintage-inspired chandelier and Mod style earrings.

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FASHIONDIG Look FinderHave you checked out our exclusive Look Finder yet? It's a cool way to search for an item by look, color or print. You can even find something special to wear to a specific event or occasion like a hot date, your wedding or a weekend in Las Vegas.

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Ask Janet Question Saotome: Janet, I have the problem of matching ties with shirts. Can you please explain which tie colour goes with what shirt colour?
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