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Hello Fashion Diggers...

In CharacterNo need to panic each time you receive an invitation to a theme party...just get into character and let your inner Sherlock or Alexis loose! The site is stocked with a century of style, so start shopping the decades and you'll have the best-dressed alter ego at any party.

Turn Of the Century: Sherlock Holmes/Mystery Weekends-- Look for Victorian pieces like spats, vests, boleros, capes and petticoats.
1920s: Roaring 20s Parties-- Look for Gatsby and Flapper gear like cloches, vests, stockings, beaded dresses, opera coats.
1930s: Hollywood Glam Parties-- Look for elegant Fred & Ginger suits and dresses, picture hats, deco jewelry, sexy lingerie, cuff-links, capelets.
1940s: Swing Parties-- Look for clutch bags, tailored suits, military jackets, robes, beaded cocktail purses, Hawaiian shirts, shoe clips, bowties.
1950s: Fab 50s Parties-- Look for Lucy & Ricky dresses and suits, shirtwaist dresses, wiggle dresses, ties, gloves, hats, anything pink.
1960s: 60s Parties-- Look for Hippie or Mod gear like large sunglasses, fringe vests, op-art prints, space-age jewelry, Tiki prints, skinny ties, Vogue magazines.
1970s: Disco Parties-- Look for jumpsuits, gold purses, large clutch bags, bomber jackets, Leisure suits, poly shirts, halter tops, wrap dresses, tube tops.
1980s: Dynasty Parties-- Look for padded shoulder jackets and dresses, animal prints, Gucci handbags, peplum suits, large jewelry pieces, logo anything.
Vintage-Inspired: Great resource for new items with a vintage look. Check out the flapper beads, Mod style earrings and the Rock t-shirts.

 Spotlight on - For The Home

Original Lava Lamp from GOMODVisit the Decorative Objects for the Home department for unique accessories that make great hostess gifts or accent pieces for your home. You'll find everything from an original Lava lamp to a 50s Luster Ware poodle bank, 70s Art Glass pieces, 50s Florida ashtrays and a Victorian pickle castor.

 Ask Janet
Ask Janet Question Saundra: Hi Janet, I am planning a mock wedding for a couple married 50 years. Could you advise me on fashions for the bridal party? Were poodle skirts a 50's style? Your suggestions may be humorous since this is a mock wedding and the script has a great deal of wit in it.
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