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 A Bold and Colorful Spring

Eisenberg Pin & Earring Set from Mid Century Chic Hello Fashion Diggers,

Now that Spring is in full swing and April showers are beginning to give way to blue skies and the scent of blooming flowers it is a good time to ditch the drab black wardrobe for something a bit more cheery.

So get ready to break out in brilliant vivid color to celebrate the new season!

A few prime vintage items is always highly recommended to perk up any wardrobe and here is but a small sampling found on the site to entice you as you prepare for the sunnier seasons.

There are many options to add color and one of the best is found at Orlando Vintage - a vivid magenta sleeveless silk ensemble with boxy jacket... so chic and totally Jackie O. And don't miss the Donna Karan caftan style jumpsuit in a strong red-orange shade.

Metro Retro has a terrific Norma Kamali purple jumpsuit in plush cotton fleece. This style is currently enjoying the 80s revival moment that is so trendy right now so why not select an original and be way ahead of the pack.

Marlene Wetherell has a rare find - a couture outfit from the Japanese designer Hanae Mori in purple chiffon with a charming Asian motif.

Mid Century Chic has many vivid and colorful accessories to add spark to a contemporary look. Consider the shiny orange patent clutch or the hot pink organza head scarf full of appliquéd flowers. Brighten up a denim jacket, or your favorite trench coat, by pinning on an enameled flower pin with a whimsical Mondrian style pattern.

- by Pinky Wolman for FASHIONDIG

 What's New

Christian Dior Toque from Ellen Christine EclecticEllen Christine Eclectic:
Just added Spring jewelry including huge rhinestones sprigged with enamelled flowers strung on a bakelite chain, geometric silver toned bracelet from the 1940s. Also find a killer silk crepe dress in a generous size, and a selection of always-fab hats: 1940s green picture hat, a crochet ribbon hat, mimicked by Marni in their runway collection, FLOWERS by Dior, way over the top 1950s toque, and a pretty pink fan, handpainted in Spain, as featured in the March issue of Vogue magazine.

Just arrived are fabulous 60s tops for day which include Jantzen woven terry tank with pink bow straps, Art Deco style Hawaiian geometric, sweet pink & green floral cotton shirt, plus leopard jumpsuit, sexy lingerie slips for day or intimate evenings, pink & white lightweight geometric jacket, darling white enamel floral pin, lucite confetti bangle & Oh So Pretty in Pink bangle and floral earrings.

Breezy Lt Blue Plisse slip from Sunny MSunny M:
Just posted several very special vintage slips to use as dresses, slips or nighties or whatever an outside-the-box dresser can think up! Also find a 50s Asian-inspired capri outfit in crisp cotton and some bright spring jewelry.

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