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 Shopper's News - The Vintage "IT" Bag

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Margaret Smith Bold Daisy from Glamour GirlYesterday's handbag is turning into today's "IT" bag thanks to the high-quality and individual style of vintage purses. The site is stocked with fabulous vintage bags; make one of them your personal "IT" bag!

1920s -- silver mesh Whiting & Davis finds and the rare turquoise finger ring...

1940s -- sophisticated clutches, jet beaded beauties, W&D gold mesh handbags...

1950s -- ladylike black patent clutches and handbags, clear plastic purses, funky straws (don't miss the rattan fish purse)

1960s -- MOD gold chain bags, colorful market purses, oversized embroidered straws, Enid Collins finds...

1970s -- designer handbag finds from Gucci, Bonnie Cashin, Pierre Cardin, W&D, Ted Lapidus, Walborg, Margaret Smith, magazine clutch purses and more...

 What's New

Pink André Courrèges Coat from Mid Century ChicMid Century Chic:
This shop just added a classic Gucci tote bag, a Rare MOD pink crinkle vinyl Courrèges coat, a cool Givenchy resin bangle, a chic Roger Van S signed white leather handbag and a Tapestry shoulder bag in graphic back & white.

80s Floral Tafetta Dress from Sunny M (In Earnest)Sunny M (In Earnest):
Sunny posted two heavily embroidered 70s ethnic blouses, a 60s Dacron/cotton eyelet slip dress, a pair of 50s capris, a colorful 70s tunic/bathing suit cover-up, a jet beaded hexagonal 40s evening purse and a man's 50s rayon Hawaiian shirt.

Silk fringed capelet from The StoryThe Story:
Laura posted a trio of rare Victorian jackets including a "Calamity Jane" silk-fringed capelet, a black silk and lace beauty (size L) and a B. Altman riding jacket.

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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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