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 Shopper's Alert - The Bridal Party

Hello Fashion Diggers...

A Dream in Blue 50's Gown from Making A ComebackIt's hard not to outshine the bride when you show up in your best vintage finery for the blessed event! Whether your a bridesmaid, mother-of-the bride or groom, guest or escort, you'll find the perfect ensemble for that special occasion.

Formal Weddings - Look for an evening gown that will do double-duty at a formal wedding or black tie event. Check out the strapless ball gowns, elegant goddess gowns, 30s charmuse beauties and sexy lace gowns. Don't miss the Lillie Rubin dripping with sequins and beads or the classic Mary McFadden Couture ensemble. Add extra sparkle with gorgeous chandelier and cluster earrings handmade with exotic stones. Male guests and escorts will find custom made Top Hats, swanky 40s cuff-links and a Worth & Worth bowler.

Casual Weddings - Look for chic black evening dresses that will also get you through the season's cocktail parties. Check out the lace ensembles, Hawaiian print shifts, cute minis, beaded shifts and sexy floral wiggle dresses. Tie a colorful silk scarf around your hair or handbag to complete the look. Don't miss the Hermes, Pucci and Bessi beauties.

Theme Weddings - Vintage themed weddings are the most fun to dress up for! Look for pieces you can mix with your everyday wardrobe for extra wear like 50s circle skirts, halter dresses, sequin tops and rhinestone jewelry... MOD Pop-Art tops, large sunglasses, mini dresses, link belts, skinny ties and go-go boots....40s elegant cocktail dresses, beaded clutches, sleek handbags and clip-on bowties. Don't miss the sexy striped sundress on consignment from Debbie Harry.

 Spotlight on - Wedding Gifts

50's Folding Picture Frame from All Things Vintage TOOLooking for a special gift for that special couple? The site is stocked with fun and fabulous one-of-a-kind decorative items for you to choose from. Check out the etched glass bowls, art glass bride's basket, Op-Art vase and 50s folding picture frame.

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