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 Shopper's Alert - Stepford Style

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Pale Yellow 1950's Dress from Orlando VintageWe love Country Club Chic...especially the high-style look in "Stepford Wives." The site is stocked with vintage 50s ensembles that will get you through the social season in style!

For daytime chic check out the pretty dresses like the floral print shirtwaists with full skirts, the pale yellow beauty with bows and pink cotton girlie dress with lace trim. Don't miss the proper evening dresses in brocade or silk, the classic lace formal and the stunning strapless wedding gown. Look for a straw picture hat, pearls, gloves and clip-on earrings to complete the look. Tip: Perk up any pair of pumps with 50s gold or diamante shoe-clips.

 Spotlight on - Men's Jackets

Yellow Smoking Jacket from MAP VintageMale Fashion Diggers can find the perfect jacket for all occasions on the site... check out the great selection of vintage sport coats, funky bombers (satin and leather), playboy smoking jackets, sporty blazers and elegant tuxedos.

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Ask JanetQuestion Jamie: I am going to a wedding and have a dark gray suit. What colour shirt and tie can I wear?
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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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