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 Shopper's News - The Wedding Guest

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Ceil Chapman Lace Dress from Orlando Vintage You're invited to a summer wedding and need to put together a stylish ensemble... fast! The site is stocked with fab vintage finds that will give you just the right pizzazz to impress family and friends.

Check out the evening dresses like the chic 50s strapless party dresses (don't miss the Ceil Chapman lace beauty)... the 60s sexy black cocktail frocks... the sexy 70s halter gowns and disco dresses... and the spectacular 80s pieces like the Lanvin dressy black dress and Ungaro gold & black 2-piece. Add a luxe vintage evening purse like the collectible Judith Leiber beauties and top off with a funky feathered cocktail hat.

 What's New

60s PIRATE PIN from Metro RetroMetro Retro:
This shop posted a cute 60s white pique sleeveless dress, an Escada striped blue and white tie blouse, a Rockabilly ruched blue and white polka-dot top, a sporty blue and white plaid drop waist dress, a gold Trifari geometric bracelet and a 60s female pirate pin.

Fabulous Art Deco Earrings from SUNNY M (IN EARNEST)SUNNY M (IN EARNEST):
Sunny added a breezy 50s black and white cotton summer day dress, a unique 30s ivory Corde purse, a sleek 50s lace sheath dress (in a large size,) and a selection of fun jewelry pieces including quirky barrettes and big hoop earrings.

EMILIO PUCCI Long Gown from Mid Century ChicMid Century Chic:
This designer owned shop posted even more Emilio Pucci finds (just in time to celebrate Summer!) in bold colors and MOD style including a vivid camp shirt, a long gown and matching peignoir, a floral, never worn pair of tap pants, more pants and top and a super rare mesh floral patterned body suit.

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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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