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 Shopper's Alert - Jungle Fever

Hello Fashion Diggers...

WHITING & DAVIS Tiger Mesh Bag from Mid Century ChicIt's time to walk on the wild side with animal print clothes and accessories... check out some of our vintage favorites that are sure to raise your temperature!

The site is stocked with classic leopard print items like the sexy 70s bodysuit, MOD mini-dress and Vivienne Westwood skirt... don't miss the funky faux fur leopard coats, hats and handbags. Fashionistas will delight in the trendy zebra print blouses and tiger print dresses as well as the chic python and alligator handbags. Add a touch of the tropics to your wardrobe with Hawaiian pieces like the jungle print beauty covered with pictures of parrots.

 Spotlight on - Vintage Kids

1950s Girls Princess Dress from Men and Children First!Little girls are never too young to wear vintage! We love the 30s child's taffeta party frock, MOD 60s Dior dress and Lilly Pulitzer wrap skirts for girls. Check out the great selection of never worn new/old stock in Men and Children First! Shop like the vintage pre-teen dresses and PJs, toddler's overalls and baby's 2-piece sets.

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Ask JanetQuestion Callie: I have great vintage sweaters, but I don't know how to store them. What's the best way to take care of them during the summer?
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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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