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Hello Fashion Diggers...

PUCCI Cotton French Cup Bikini from Mid Century ChicWe decided to beat the heat by browsing the site for cool bargains. Here are some hot vintage finds that will surely keep you cool!

Check out... the lingerie (slips can double as sexy summer dresses and skirts) like the 30s silk charmuse, the lavender full-slip and the Vanity Fair floral rose and Pucci half-slips... the swimsuits like the fab tangerine one-piece, sexy 60s bikinis and terrycloth rompers (great as beach cover-ups)... the stylish fedora and floppy straw hats (don't miss the custom-made Panama picture hat)... Male Fashion Diggers will stay cool in colorful Hawaiian shirts, golf Polos and funky Disco shirts.

 What's New

MOLLIE PARNIS GYPSY DRESS from Marlene Wetherell Vintage Fashion & PhotographyMarlene Wetherell Vintage Fashion & Photography:
Marlene posted wonderful designer finds like Hanae Mori and Molly Parnis gypsy-style dresses, a Halston Ultra-suede and al Ken Scott hand-printed floral beauty. Don't miss the stylish 70s belts, shoes, jewelry and alligator handbags.

Embroidered Mexican Skirt from Orlando VintageOrlando Vintage:
Lisa just added a wonderful black Lily blouse with immaculate hand embroidery, a few fab couture items including an Alfred Shaheen two-piece button top and maxi-length skirt, a festive-print Mexican skirt, a mustard color dress and a woven embroidered Moroccan caftan.

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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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