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 Shopper's Alert - Little Dress On The Prairie

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Gunne Sax Prarie Dress from ModHausThe latest vintage collectible is the Gunne Sax dress according to the August/September issue of Budget Living magazine. Designer's are cashing in on Gunne Sax appeal writes Amy Goldwasser... "today, Gunne Sax designs are causing a stir- thanks, in part, to the most recent prairie revival on the runways." Indeed, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and Ralph Lauren (again) showed flowing skirts and lacy details in their collections. Our own Janet Pytowski was quoted in the article "Gunne Sax dresses (from the early 70s) are desirable for a certain kind of look- either solids or tiny florals, ruffles and high necklines."

The site is stocked with affordable Gunne Sax beauties like the new/old (with tags) pale blue and white chintz dress, the 70s calico print dress with navy velvet bodice and Swiss dotted sleeves, the rare unbleached muslin with hemp trim drawstring dress and the beautiful lace-up sundress with matching quilted bolero. Don't miss the $30 floral and patchwork full-skirts.

 Spotlight on - Shoe Clips

Rhinestone Shoe Clips from Via VintageWe predict the versatile shoe clip will be the next hot accessory... perk up a pair of pumps, add glitz to a handbag strap or sparkle to a belt with vintage clips. Check out the 50s rhinestone, gold-tone filigree and bronze finds.

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