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Hello Fashion Diggers...

TWEED & WOOL LILLI ANN COAT from Marlene Wetherell Vintage Fashion & PhotographyIt's never to warm to think about cool coats! The site is stocked with stylish vintage coats and capes... perfect toppers for fall's trendy new looks and silhouettes.

Check out the faux fur coats and wild animal print raincoats... the classic black & white Lilli Ann jackets... the trendy 50s swing coats and fur trimmed wool and brocade beauties. Don't miss the great selection of trendy capes like the MOD gold lame, the 70s grey wool with red zipper, the majestic Edwardian cape, the dramatic Belle Époque opera cloak and the funky leopard print rain cape.

 What's New

1960s Coolest Mod Style Coat from A to Z CatwalkA to Z Catwalk:
Ardyth added more vintage folk art dresses, pretty little black dresses, a 1970s Prairie dress, 1980s short formals and several fun summer frocks... all priced to sell!

Silk Chiffon Full Sweep Gown from AnniePantiesAnniePanties:
Annie posted two sexy 1940s Harlow-style gowns, a great alligator purse, a funky rockabilly playsuit and cute 40s-80s vintage career dresses and blouses. She also added more lingerie including pretty full length gowns and half slips.

Bejewelled top-hook cardigan from The StoryThe Story:
Laura posted a fun 60s Op-Art skirt, a classic white end-of-summer peasant dress, a perfect 50s fall sweater, two pretty milk-glass necklaces and a Elizabeth-Cady-Stanton-redux black taffeta skirt.

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