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 Shopper's Alert - Coat Time

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Bonnie Cashin Classic Coat from Savoir FaireAs the season is about to change, our thoughts turn to... coats! The site is stocked with vintage coats that will get you through fall and winter with style... here are some of our favorite postings:

Turn-Of-The Century: Look for antique finds like the gorgeous Edwardian mohair coat and elegant silk duster.

1920s: Keep warm over your flimsy flapper dress with a faux-fur 20s coat with silk passementerie closure... don't miss the spectacular black silk velvet evening coat.

1930s: If you're an opera buff, grab the blue silk velvet Art Deco opera coat (price just reduced.)

1940s: Hollywood glam is evident in the lamb trim trench coat, the Chinese dress coat and the silk brocade theater coat.

1950s: Look for lady-like silhouettes like the fabulous black wool coat with oversized shall collar, tapered waist and full skirt, the paid wool coat with fur collar and the coral cashmere clutch coat.

1960s: MOD rules with graphic prints like the black & white striped or Op-Art print raincoats and stylish capes like the brown suede & fur Hippie cape and trendy gold lame beauty.

1970s: Check out the classic Bonnie Cashin raincoats and mohair beauties, the black wool wrap coat with bone trim, the Alpaca cape, the multi-colored hippie maxi coat and the wine velveteen coat.

 Spotlight on - Scarves

VERA Sheer Pink Floral Scarf from Lucky Coconut'sAdd flair to any coat or outfit with a colorful scarf! We found designer beauties at great prices like an autumn print silk Scassi, a 70s Pierre Balmain silk ascot (wrap around the neck or wear as a long waist sash,) several silk Vera scarves with floral and MOD prints, Emilio Pucci scarves in cotton and silk, vintage Hermes prints and large scarves like the Bessi and Moschino couture silks.

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