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Hello Fashion Diggers...

Suzy Perette Black Dress from Orlando VintageTime to start looking for new glam clothes and accessories to add to next season's party wardrobe. The site is stocked with stylish vintage evening dresses that will definitely make you the belle of the ball!

Check out the sophisticated 40s wool, lace and velvet ensembles... the sexy 50s strapless, chiffon and black cocktail dresses (don't miss the unique Suzy Perrete)... the trendy 60s baby dolls, minis, maxis and Audreys... the glam 70s Disco dance dresses, colorful lame maxis, jersey halter dresses and designer pieces like the Hanae Mori and Giorgio di Sant' Angelo couture beauties.

Male Fashion Diggers will find a great selection of ties to add dazzle to their suits... check out the "rat pack" 50s styles, the cool skinny 60s ties and the 70s Hermes and Leonard of Paris beauties.

 What's New

COUTURE GIORGIO DI SANT'ANGELO from Something Old and NewSomething Old and New:
This shop just added a trendy mod wool plaid cape, several gorgeous lace tunic robes and more great dresses that are perfect for the transition to fall!

Willi Smith Brocade Slim Pants from Sunny MSunny M:
Sunny posted a 50s pink chambray dress with rhinestones and back neck bow, a pair of Willi Smith brocade slim pants, a slick Cheongsam Dress and a few quirky and unique cateye eyeglass frames.

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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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