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Hello Fashion Diggers...

Lost In Space Shirt from Men and Children First!Male Fashion Diggers are always hunting for cool shirts and ties to add to their wardrobe. The site is stocked with stylish pieces from Rat Pack shirts to skinny ties and MOD cardigans!

Look for swank 40s rayon gabardine shirts and black western shirt with white fringe... 50s short-sleeved Rat Pack knit shirts and polos, the space-age "Lost In Space" tops, Abercrombie & Fitch heavy tweed shirt-jacket and elegant cotton tuxedo shirt... 60s MOD shirts (don't miss the "Catch Me If You Can" movie costume pieces) long-sleeved knit polos and colorful Hawaiian shirts... 70s poly Disco shirts, striped polos, Safari shirts and pullovers. Both men and women will love to browse the vintage designer silk ties (cool gals will wear the ties as belts.) Look for classic Hermes and Gucci, floral Liberty, Kenzo tapestry, colorful Pucci, skinny Roosters, and Leonard of Paris beauties.

 Spotlight on - Marimekko

Marimekko Striped Belted Dress from ModHausWe love the artistic look and style of vintage Marimekko pieces. Check out the cotton shirtwaist dress in a check pattern, the 60s cotton jumpsuit with Design Research Label, 70s yellow striped cotton dress with belt and the classic Jokapoika shirts.

 Ask Janet
Ask JanetQuestion Marie: Hey Janet! My first homecoming ever is right around the corner and I was wondering if you have any good places around the Orlando area where I can get a nice vintage dress with an affordable price.
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