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 Shopper's Alert - Fab Fifties

Hello Fashion Diggers...

1960's Red Wool Vintage Coat from A to Z CatwalkWe love all the vintage fashion references for this season's trends... especially the ladylike and rockabilly looks. I guess you can say before it's in vogue it's on FASHIONDIG! The site is stocked with affordable 50s pieces that are sure to add a lot of style to your fall wardrobe.

Dresses: Look for pretty shirtwaist dresses, sexy halter dresses and silk cocktail beauties.

Coats: Check out the classic rayon swing coats, chic fur trimmed wools, velvet opera coats and evening capes. Don't miss the gorgeous Lilli Ann beige mohair.

Skirts: Find circle and full skirts in fun floral, plaid and bandana prints... the cotton ombre pattern skirt is so Prada.

Sweaters: Look for beaded sweaters, fur-trim cashmeres and funky shrugs.

Jewelry: Must-have rhinestone brooches, charm bracelets and pearls.

Jackets: Men will find collectible gabardine jackets (many are reversible,) funky sportcoats and western style sharkskin jackets.

 Spotlight on - San Francisco Vintage Fashion Expo

Fall 2004 Vintage Fashion ExpoThis Vintage Fashion Expo has it all: period clothing, jewelry, accessories and textiles. From Victoriana to 20th century couture pieces, the full spectrum of this fall’s kaleidoscopic fashion looks will be represented at the San Francisco show.

Fall 2004 Vintage Fashion Expo
Saturday, Sunday September 18-19
Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium
1111 California Street
San Francisco, CA

For more information, please call (707) 793-0773 or visit

 Ask Janet
Ask JanetQuestion Tiffany: I have seen a lot of snoods online in fun colors and think that wearing one would be a great solution for bad hair days. What are some ways I could wear a snood without looking like I should be at a renaissance fair?
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