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 Shopper's Alert - Ready For A Belt?

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Great 80's French Belt from All Things Vintage TOOPunch up your fall wardrobe with a vintage belt! The site is stocked with skinny, wide, hip-slung and embellished pieces that will add style and substance to any outfit.

Check out the wide leather 80s hip-slung belts with large sculpted buckles... the cool western tooled- leather beauties... the MOD Lucite and chain belts...the glitzy rhinestone buckle belts... the hippie studded corset belt with long fringe... the 40s belt with carved Bakelite buckle... and all the stylish designer belts like the Paloma Picasso white leather and gold buckle belt (only $35,) the vintage Gucci leather and canvas logo belt, and the Whiting + Davis gold mesh stunner. Stylish male Fashion Diggers will appreciate vintage belts like the Gucci leather belt with logo buckle, reversible Christian Dior and the funky Tony Lama western tooled belt.

 Spotlight on - Bonnie Cashin

Bonnie Cashin Mohair Ensemble from TangerinesEvery fall our thoughts turn to Bonnie Cashin coats and ensembles. Her classic vintage pieces look even more stylish this season... check out the practical canvas raincoat in deep navy blue with taupe lining, the camel color swing car coat with signature toggle closures and don't miss the must-have spectacular 60s Bonnie Cashin tweed coat and pencil skirt ensemble!

 Open A Shop: Special Offer
Open A Shop Open your own shop on FASHIONDIG during the month of September and you'll receive one-month FREE added to your subscription. Take advantage of his special offer and sell your vintage items on the most prestigious vintage clothing shopping site on the web. Our online community of vintage fashion shops is the perfect place for you to showcase your items to a worldwide audience.    Open A Shop

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All Things Vintage All Things Vintage
All Things Vintage has a selection of great vintage clothing--from evening wear thru workshirts and boots. We also have tons of non clothing items--elegant thru kitsch. Prices are set as low as possible. Providing my customers with lots of great vintage is my pleasure.
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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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