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 Animal Instinct

Oriental-Lined Leopard Coat from Orlando Vintage Hello Fashion Diggers!

Go on a fashion safari to capture the look of animal prints. On the FashionDig website, you can hunt for vintage dresses, coats, bags and hats that capture the beauty of the fierce cats of the wild.

First follow the scent to Orlando Vintage and go on an expedition for a dramatic 60s leopard velvet print belted dress with thick mink cuffs and matching cowl neck and turban. Also be on the lookout for a fabulous tiger motif halter dress with matching jacket.

Brave the wild side and try a maxi adorned with leopard from Simply Stella Ranae. For those who like their animal print with a little more mystery, continue the quest in this shop to uncover a long black coat lined in leopard that really is the cat’s meow!

If your passion is handbags, seek out Mid Century Chic for leopard motif bags. Amongst other great finds you will discover a sleek faux leopard clutch that is fierce enough to hold your essentials; or try a roomy 50s hobo bag for even more storage. Top it off with a faux leopard hat that will have others pursuing you down the street asking “Where did you track that down?”

Have fun catching jungle fever!

- by Marsha D. Weiss/Metro Retro

 FashionDig Site Update Blog

FashionDig Site Update Blog
Follow our progress as we create a better, more fun way to buy and sell vintage clothing online. FashionDig is being revamped to better serve our customers and shops and we invite you to read along and leave comments and suggestions as we work on the updates.

 What's New

Just posted an elegant Anne Fogarty brown boucle Jackie-O suit, snazzy 70s leopard print dress, sophisticated black faille dress with mandarin collar, stunning orange and green tie dye tee with wrapped skirt, classic Scottish kilt, grey and winter white checked blazer that is a perfect addition for skirts, pants or jeans plus 6 hats that span the gamut from a chic blue feathered concoction to a purple cloche with a raspberry band.

40s-Inspired Faux Fur Jacket from Sunny MSunny M:
Just posted lots of unique fall suits and designer lingerie. Find a brocade junior cocktail suit from 1960, Marilyn-worthy silk Matelasse early 50s cocktail dress, 2-pc wool knit ensemble from the early 50s, Willi Smith nightgown that can double as a dress on a Caribbean vacation and several pair of earrings to spruce up a fall wardrobe.

Faux Pony Fur Handbag from Mid Century ChicMid Century Chic:
Hot items posted for cooler weather ahead include unusual shaped 70s gradient sunglasses in rainbow effect colors, collectible Hippie image iron-on patches perfect for a jean jacket or handbag, vivid necklace in neon pink & lilac Lucite beads with matching clip-on earrings, KJL giant green POP-style strawberry clip on earring and a super cool necklace made of ivory plastic and gold metal "piano key" style motif, circa 1970s.

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