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 Shopper's Alert - Designer Luxe (M-Z)

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Pauline Trigere Oyster Coat from Ellen Christine EclecticThe site is stocked with designer clothes and accessories at affordable prices! Check out the Designer Index for a listing of luxe beauties currently available online.

Look for vintage finds from Marimekko through Weiss (M-W) such as collectible graphic print dresses and shirts by Marimekko, elegant handbags from Morris Moskowitz, jewelry by Napier, colorful Paganne print dresses, Pucci dresses, scarves and blouses (over 7 pages), Yves Saint Laurent belts, dresses and jackets, classic Pauline Trigere coats and dresses, Vera floral skirts, blouses and scarves (don't miss the rare Vera umbrella), dazzling Weiss brooches and Whiting & Davis mesh handbags, sexy halter top and necklaces.

 Featured Event

Fortuny Delphos, circa 1920 from Whitaker Fall Vintage Fashion, Couture & Textile AuctionWhitaker Fall Vintage Fashion, Couture & Textile Auction

Don't miss the incredible Whitaker Fall Vintage Fashion, Couture & Textile Auction with 1000’s of items and 850+ lots. You can bid on de-accessions from six major museums including antique clothing, accessories, textiles, fabrics, laces and linens. Buses are available from NYC & airports directly to the gallery.

New Hope Eagle Fire Company
Route 202 & Sugan Road
New Hope, PA

Saturday and Sunday
October 23-October 24, 2004
E-mail for more info

 Spotlight on - Fashion Flashbacks! DVD

Fashion Flashbacks! DVD from Via VintageFlashback to the high style of the 1950s & 60s with this one-hour video now available on DVD. See the original fashion newsreels from both decades on this Special Edition DVD. It's the perfect holiday gift and stocking stuffer for the fashion enthusiast!

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Fabulous Quality Handbag from Glamour Girl Glamour
Glamour Girl offers an inspired mix of sophisticated, eclectic, and whimsical 20th century treasures, hand-picked with the modern Glamour Girl in mind!   Go There

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