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 Shopper's News - Caped Crusader

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Johnathan Logan Cape from Orlando VintageIf you're cruising for fashion trends this fall, start by checking out the stylish capes available on the site!

Start with Goth Turn-Of-The-Century fringed capes and opera cloaks... continue to 60s MOD gold lame and military-look beauties... and check out the colorful 70s hippie ponchos and capes. Don't miss the 80s plaid capes and fringed ponchos.

 What's New

WWI Blouse from Ellen Christine Eclectic Ellen Christine Eclectic:
Ellen posted more of her fab vintage pieces ranging from the Armistice to the rocking 80s! She added a great gab suit from the 40s, a few sweet 50s blouses, a Courreges sweater and a beaded 30s jacket.

U.S. Flag Sunglasses from Via VintageVia Vintage:
Janet added 3 pair of MOD novelty sunglasses including Martini Glasses sunglasses (must-see), a black patent box purse with working lock & key, and an ivory mesh Whiting & Davis purse.

 Featured Events

Manhattan Vintage Clothing and Textile Show:
Our favorite East Coast Show! Now in its 14th year at the Metropolitan Pavilion NYC. This show is the ultimate vintage showcase which brings together over 75 of the country’s top vintage clothing and antique textile dealers for a 2 day shopping event. Visit website for show admission discount! October 13-14th.

Vintage Fashion Expo:
Our favorite West Coast vintage fashion Show! The spectrum of this season’s kaleidoscopic fashion looks will be represented at this popular vintage fashion show held in Santa Monica, California. Visit website for show admission discount! October 21-22nd.

Victorian Week in Cape May, NJ:
Victorian Week in our favorite Victorian town and season...Cape May in the fall! Plan to visit for a few days to see the sights and drop into the Ellen Christine Millinery... by the Sea shop, 668 Washington St. Historic Cape May, New Jersey. Through October 15th.

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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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