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 Special Announcement: Site Relaunch

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Welcome to the new FASHIONDIG! We've relaunched our site with a new look and format that we're sure you will enjoy.

Space-Age Plastic Raincoat from Via Vintage For starters, you can now search for items by Decade, Department, Designer or Shop. You'll find a century of style as you browse your favorite decades from Turn of the Century through the 1990s. We've even added more fashion categories for your dig...check out our new Vintage-Inspired area for specially selected clothes and jewelry with a retro look. And, we're introducing a Designer Resale department for new and gently-worn designer clothing...all from recent collections and at great prices. As a matter of fact, check out the Designer Index Page to see a listing of ALL the luxury designer brands currently available on'll love the great selection!

Forbes Magazine, Best of the Web

For auction enthusiasts we have the new FASHIONDIG Auctions where you can buy or sell clothes, accessories and home items in a beautiful online environment. Check out the great vintage dresses, shoes, coats and handbags currently posted on the site. There's a fabulous find waiting for you right now. This is also the perfect place to sell those few extra items you love, but just don't need anymore. Take advantage of our introductory special and post your items in our auction for FREE (no basic listing fees) and pay only 5% commission on sold items. Don't miss out on becoming a part of FASHIONDIG Auctions... where style is always up for bid!

There are many new features and special offers that we have planned for you in the future. You will always be the first to know about new FASHIONDIG Shops, hot new postings, vintage must-haves, new books, fashion trends and much more!

We want to thank all of you for your patience while we have been building the new site. We look forward to your comments and continued support.

 Special Thanks
TwinArt Special thanks to design team TwinArt for creating our stylish new logo and corporate identity package. Their exquisite sense of color and style was the starting point for the design of our new site.
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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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