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Mr. John, Shearling BonnetWe love the names of hats almost as much as the hats themselves! Check out the toques, beehives, bubbles, pillboxes, cloches and berets posted on the site...find them in the Hat Department or by Shop.

Glamour Girl has a great selection of stylish hats including a pert Mr. John black shearling hood with pompoms and a saucy Dior chinchilla number. Orlando Vintage posted a sophisticated winter white mink trimmed skimmer...Tangerine Boutique added a chic 50s black & white beehive chapeau and a 60s G. Howard Hodge cloche..The Modhaus posted a 60s fox fur pillbox and a rare Edwardian black velvet beauty. Ellen Christine Eclectic has an elegant 50s mink toque and a MOD bubble hat and don't miss the men's western cowboy hats from Bailey and Eddy Brothers in The Beat of Nashville.

Visit FASHIONDIG Auctions where style is always up for bid!

Currently Up for Bid...magazine clutch purse, green silk cocktail coat, 50s strapless gown, Pucci Vogue pattern.

Have something you love but don't need anymore? Sell it on FASHIONDIG Auctions this month and you won't have to pay basic posting fees!
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Ask Janet Question Megan: Home for winter break and poking around my parents' closets, I came across an Ike jacket that smells a little musty but is otherwise in great condition. Unfortunately, I can't find information anywhere on how to clean it. Does it have to be dry-cleaned or can I do it at home?
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