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 Shopper's Alert - Sweater Girls

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Kenzo Sweater from Off My Back...On the RackSexy pencil skirts, pretty full skirts and sleek cropped pants are the ladylike looks for the season.... so top them off with a vintage sweater for the full effect!

The site is stocked with our favorite 50s cardigans like the cream colored cashmere beauty with white mink collar and rhinestone clips, the cashmere cardigan with lace overlay and the wonderful selection of colorful cardigans with intricate beading. We love the 70s fitted wool ribbed sweaters and the 80s cashmere turtlenecks and polos. Don't miss the designer finds like the Yves Saint Laurent glitzy wool sweater with electric blue sequin sleeves, the wild Kenzo print sweater and the Issey Miyake 2-tone striped cardigan with asymmetrical hemline. Male Fashion Diggers will find cool 50s Rat Pack style wool and suede cardigans, 70s polos and sweater jackets and funky 80s pullovers and cardigans.

 Spotlight on - Scarves

Yves St Laurent Animal Print Scarf from NUSA Vintage designer scarves are collectible and functional! Check out the luxe silk beauties like the large Yves Saint Laurent animal print, the psychedelic Peter Max, the Gucci floral, and classic Hermes prints. Don't miss the great selection of bold Pucci prints!

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