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Hello Fashion Diggers...

Oscar de la Renta Black Gown from Orlando Vintage We love digging for designer pieces on the site so we checked out the Designer Index from A to Z. Check out some of our favorite finds like the 70s Adolfo knit gown... the gorgeous Ceil Chapman lace dress... the Oscar De La Renta dresses and gowns... the super-sexy Gianfranco Ferre belts and jersey dresses... Kenneth Jay Lane quirky jewelry... colorful Peter Max scarves... collectible Yves Saint Laurent dresses, scarves, belts, jewelry and much more!

 What's New

Cut Velvet de la Renta Hat from Ellen Christine EclecticEllen Christine Eclectic:
Talk about eclectic! From the 1920s to the 1980s: period eyewear, bakelite vanity items, a hot panty girdle, and some glamourous hats... more sale items throughout the shop, as usual.

Round Mango Bakelite Bangle from Orlando VintageOrlando Vintage:
Just added a juicy collection of Bakelite bangles to feast your eyes on. You'll find a rainbow of colors in different shapes and sizes; some are marbled, some are solid, some are smooth, and some are carved. Don't miss out on these collectibles!

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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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