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 Shopper's News - Vintage Haberdashery

Hello Fashion Diggers...

SWING spectator captoe from MAP MenMale Fashion Diggers should check out the great selection of vintage accessories available on the site! We love the shoes (MAP Men has a Huge selection), shirts and ties that will add a touch of style to any fashionable wardrobe... here are some of our favorite looks:

Footwear finds include Spectator wingtips from the 1930s, 40s and 50s (don't miss the Elvis spectators from the 50s and 70s Penny Loafers.)... Vintage shirts include funky nylon Disco shirts from the 70s, embroidered western cowboy shirts, colorful Hawaiian tourist shirts, Rockabilly knit tops and preppy polos.... Choose a tie for any occasion including skinny 60s ties, silk bowties, wide print 40s pieces and Hermes and Gucci beauties. (great holiday gifts!)

 What's New

Seashell Cardigan Sweater from AnniePantiesAnniePanties:
Annie just posted a few dresses with the career girl in mind including a chevron stripe and a sheer pleated purple floral, a few cotton peasant tops, a seashell beaded cardigan and a Jessica McClintock pink champagne gown.

Young Pendleton Wool Suit from With a TwistWith a Twist:
This shop just added a Creamy cashmere cardigan with removable fur collar, a young Pendleton wool two-piece suit, a soft plum colored cardigan with pink pearl buttons, a 70s navy corduroy blazer and a classic white patent clutch purse.

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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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