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 Shopper's Alert - Darling Lilli Ann!

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Lilli Ann Swing Coat from TangerinesWow... you've got to check out all the fabulous Lilli Ann coats and suits on the site. You'll find decades of style courtesy of Lilli Ann Originals!

Sophisticated 40s - two-tone wool jackets with covered buttons.
Chic 50s - taupe wool swing coat with 3/4 sleeves and fur collar/trim, two-piece black wool boucle suit with white mink collar.
MOD 60s - bright green swagger coat, leopard print silk raincoat, short cropped jacket and skirt suit, beaded tunic and matching bell-bottom pants suit, white coat with red trim, black velvet coat with white rabbit fur trim.
Cool 70s - classic camel hair coat with wide collar and belt, 3-piece Maxi knit suit with silk piping.

 Spotlight on - Scarves

COUREGGES Cotton Scarf from Mid Century Chic The site is stocked with colorful vintage scarves... look for luxe designer beauties from Vera, YSL, Peter Max, Gucci, Bessi, Hermes, Pucci, Guy Laroche and Vittadini. Male Fashion Diggers will appreciate the soft vintage reversible wool/silk print scarves and the Gucci silk pocket square.

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