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Hello Fashion Diggers...

Versace Animal Print Vest at Via VintageIt's that time of the year to start looking for warm and cozy layers to add to your winter wardrobe... spruce up your look with vintage sweaters, vests and hats that will carry you through the season with style!

Check out the fab sweaters including classic beaded 50s cardigans, glitzy 80s Yves Saint Laurent sweater with electric blue sequin sleeves and colorful checkerboard Comme des Garcons cardigan. Stay warm and comfy in a fun MOD long-hair fur vest, sporty Versace animal print quilted vest or trendy Adolfo couture wool vest with grommets...don't miss the sexy Sonia Rykiel black marabou vest while your browsing that department. Top off your look with a chic white felt fedora, classic black floppy hat, fun faux fur cap, chic velvet toque or sweet shearling bonnet...all recently posted.

 In The Press

FASHIONDIG is pleased to be featured in the November 17th issue of TIME Magazine's "Web Shopping Guide... for the Fashionista." TIME says "...Vintage hounds with time to browse can duck into individual shops or use the Look Finder menus to narrow their search."
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Dragonfly Pin at Badabing VintageBadabing Vintage
Michelle thinks that the 70's and 80's trend has not quite hit it's peak yet and she offers designer men's ties from the two eras including Versace, Celine and Pierre Cardin silk pieces. We love the vintage rhinestone costume jewelry selection... especially the dove, swordfish, swan and dragonfly pins. The vintage Fath, Molyneux and Quant patterns are a must-have for any home-sewing buff.

 Ask Janet
Ask JanetQuestion Zsa Zsa: I love the silent film starlet look. I've got everything down except for the pallor mortis. How did women achieve the ultra white skin back then? I've been using an over the counter skin whitener, but I was wondering if there were other options.
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