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 Shopper's Alert - Vintage Bling

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Monet Poodle Pin at Mid Century ChicRock stars and rappers aren't the only ones with Bling (read: Eye-Popping Glitz.) Stylish Fashion Diggers have always worn rhinestone jewelry, gold mesh handbags and sparkly accessories! From Chic pins to Disco handbags and Space-Age necklaces, here's our version of Vintage Bling:

Chic Bling - cover your denim jacket with high sparkle rhinestone pins...check out the 50s U-shaped glamour pin and blue rhinestone brooch, the 40s oversized Australian blue crystal flower pin, the 60s earrings and bracelet set made with blue and white rhinestones and the graceful swan pin with sparkly rhinestone wings. Add more glitz with the 40s rhinestone belt buckle, intricate Edwardian ring and Deco diamond and platinum watch.

MOD Bling - wear oversized, ultra-modern jewelry with a black turtleneck...check out the 60s silver necklaces with large space-age pendants, the large Pierre Cardin enamel sculptural necklace, the hammered silver modernist spiral choker and the wire collar with a bold pendant design. Add more glitz with large MOD polka-dot sunglasses with chain "earring" arms and 60s MOD faux eyelashes.

Disco Bling - swing a disco bag with your jeans and stilettos...check out the 70s bags like the multi-colored mesh bag in copper, gold, silver and black and the gold and silver chain-mail purse a la Paco Rabanne. Don't miss the kid leather silver metallic bag with gold chain handle and 80s full-length evening dress covered in shiny silver sequins with a metallic skirt. The Whiting + Davis gold mesh bibs will add extra glimmer to any outfit, day or night.

 Shop Spotlight

Ellen Christine EclecticEllen Christine Eclectic
Ellen Christine's shop has an eclectic assortment of dresses, hats, suits and other interesting items from the 19th century through the early 20th century. When you're looking for an unusual antique item check out her shop first! We love the hand-carved Victorian bridal crown, the high-top Edwardian ladies spats and opulent silk opera cloak, the red 20s silk Kimono, the 30s Bakelite napkin rings and the 40s pin-up girl lizard high-heel sandals. (Ellen Christine suggests wearing the Kimono and pin-up girl sandals together for the perfect hostess outfit!)

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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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