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 Shopper's News - Thirties Delight

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Taxco Sterling Orchid Pin from Mighty Divas Have you browsed the 1930s vintage finds on the site lately? There's a great selection of romantic dresses, Mexican silver jewelry and Deco accessories. Check out the day dresses for shear chiffon, silk and knit beauties... the evening dresses for sophisticated silk, velvet and lace gowns (don't miss the Art Deco velvet opera coat or the sumptuous sable fur stole.) Male Fashion Diggers will find double-breasted suits and wing-tip spectators. Dress up your home with decorative pieces like English brass planters, a Danish pewter box, a watercolor by Perkins or 3 photos of 30s Venice. Add style to your kitchen with a 30s Son Chief toaster and sass to your boudoir with a girly ashtray.

Remember, these items are true vintage and there's only one of each available... so act fast! Tip: see how many other Fashion Diggers are browsing the site with the Current Visitors counter on the home page.

 What's New

1940s Striped Jacket and Skirt from Orlando VintageLisa just added several chic goodies to Orlando Vintage including a crocodile handbag with a Lucite handle, a coral necklace and a 50s Suzy Perette little black dress. Mid Century Chic posted more designer finds like a MOD Couregges neon pink mini satchel, a stylish Emilio Pucci geometric velveteen clutch, a pair of Pucci hot pants and a paisley pattern Alfred Shaheen shift dress. Sheri continues adding more of her vintage finds for men in Off My Back...On the Rack; check out the cool 50s Doo Wop jackets, vintage belt buckles and new/old stock Western jackets.

 New Shop Spotlight
Mighty DivasWelcome back Mighty Divas! Vera Battemarco has re-opened her gorgeous shop featuring a combination of her own jewelry designs with an eclectic mix of vintage artisan and designer jewelry. Check out the vintage Mexican silver pins and bracelets.


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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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