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 Shopper's News - Vintage Whimsy

Hello Fashion Diggers...

ENAMEL FLORAL 30s PENDANT from Metro Retro If you're like us, you've been in a whimsical mood lately and eager to add a touch of whimsy to your holiday wardrobe! Check out the vintage finds on the site like the fun jewelry pieces... cute owl pendants and pins, the double penguin with chain pin, the funky mobile earrings, artifact necklaces and KJL lipstick pin. Don't miss the collectible wooden and beaded handbags... western illustrated rodeo cowboy scarf and funky martini glass sunglasses.

 What's New

WHITING and DAVIS Bronze Halter from Mid Century ChicMid Century Chic:
This designer owned shop just added items perfect for gift giving or to enhance your own holiday wardrobe for upcoming parties and events including a sensationally sexy Whiting & Davis bronze metal mesh halter top, chic little black leather MOD handbag made in Italy by Lewis with gold chain detailing, bold and colorful Napier pendant enameled in vivid red orange with bright turquoise egg shaped stone, and a Whiting & Davis silver metal mesh belt with superb detail.

LUSCIOUS PURPLE SUADE SHOES from Metro RetroMetro Retro:
Just posted a sexy purple jersey halter dress, purple suede shoes and a fun loving velvet baby doll style dress that works as a tunic. Other additions include unusual 30s enamel pendant, penguin pin, purple and green rhinestone brooch, moveable owl pendant necklace and 50s Coro owl brooch with peering rhinestone blue eyes. Also check out the sales sprinkled throughout the shop.

Red Lizard Bag from Orlando VintageOrlando Vintage:
Lisa added six skin bags, each with an awesome shape and flair of its own - three of the bags are Morris Moskowitz snake skin clutches and the other three are petite lizard bags with classic and unique shapes. Congrats to Lisa and her husband Andrew on the birth of their baby girl Sylvia!

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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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