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Hello Fashion Diggers...

Sequin/Net Waist Cocktail Dress from NYC VintageIt's time to start looking for a special party dress for all the soirees and holiday events you'll be invited to this year! The site is stocked with a great selection of vintage evening dresses that are sure to get you noticed.

Check out the sexy 50s brocade sheaths, black chiffon cocktail dresses, strapless taffetas and lace and silk beauties. Browse the 60s for classic little black dresses, velvet suits, metallic hostess gowns, silk print sheaths and beaded finds. Don't miss the spectacular Ken Scott hand-printed dress with matching fringe shawl. For a 70s holiday twist check out the sexy halter gowns, floral print suits and disco wrap dresses.

 What's New

1950s Gold Stone 3pc set from Mid Century ChicMid Century Chic:
This shop just added more excellent designer finds... a Peter Max portrait silk scarf, an Emilio Pucci pure silk Mod necktie in typically vivid Pucci colors, a KJL long pearl & crystal beads in a long Sautoire style neckline, a sleek velvet stripe and black leather clutch bag with slim convertible handles and a pair of MOD white mother of pearl plastic sunglasses with extra dark lenses.

Krementz Pin from Metro RetroMetro Retro:
This shop added several metallic vintage pieces from the 70s including a sexy starlet gown by Malcolm Starr International, a black halter top, an unusual pastel metallic vest and a wonderful winter sweater that has metallic threads running through it. Don't miss the stunning hand painted and mouth blown Christmas Ornaments from Italy!

Rabbit Fur Jacket from Something Old and New Something Old and New:
This shop just added several great 70s sheer dresses perfect for layering for a trendy fall look! Check out the pretty French lace Victorian blouse, the French lace mini tunic dress, the rocker chic bronze knee boots and the brilliant kimono finds.

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