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Hello Fashion Diggers...

True 30s Taxco Bracelet from Mighty DivasVintage sparkle and shine is a must this time of year! The site is stocked with gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces that add individual style to any holiday outfit. Browse the jewelry online through the decades for a century of smart style:

Turn-Of-The Century: Victorian bar pins, jet chocker (very trendy right now,) Edwardian rings
1920s: Deco diamond and platinum watch
1930s: Taxco sterling jewelry (very collectible)
1940s: Bakelite brooches and bracelets
1950s: Pearl necklaces, rhinestone earrings and pins
1960s: MOD pendants, chokers, pins and watches
1970s: Modernist necklaces, KJL pins and pearls, Gucci watches, gold mesh bibs
1980s: Enamel earrings, logo pins, belt buckles
Vintage-Inspired: Bakelite and bead pins, necklaces and earrings

 What's New

Suzy Perette Black Dress from Orlando VintageOrlando Vintage:
Lisa just added a 1960s pumpkin colored ladies suit by Hal Kassel, a 1970s two-piece Mexican skirt with matching wrap, a 1970s two-piece suede skirt and vest, a "Dan Lee" chiffon couture gown, and a huge Fendi 100% silk scarf.

Mondrian Knit Dress from Mod Century ChicMid Century Chic:
This shop is stocked with designer goodies like a MOD Couregges neon pink crinkle vinyl mini satchel bag, an Emilio Pucci geometric flat velveteen envelope clutch, a pair of PUCCI hot Pants, a colorful Alfred Shaheen shift style dress in wild pink paisley pattern and a luxe Chanel silk twill necktie.

 New Shop Spotlight
Marlene Wetherell Vintage Fashion & PhotographyMarlene Wetherell Vintage Fashion & Photography:
We're so pleased to welcome Marlene Wetherell and her new shop to FASHIONDIG. Her shop is a resource for unique couture and designer pieces and accessories from the 1950s to the early 1980s as well as original fashion photography. She has a modern, sophisticated point of view about vintage fashion and her pieces are timeless. Check out the YSL silk blouse and leather belt, the Dries Van Noten jacket, the multi-colored sweater dress, the La Croix heart pendant and the Jean Muir wool jersey suit.


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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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