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 Shopper's News - Cocktail Hour

Hello Fashion Diggers...

40's To die for Lace dress from Off My Back... On The RackIt's that time of the year when cocktail party invitations flow into our mail box. Add a dash of style to the happy hour mix with a chic vintage evening dress and a knowing smile!

Invited to a retro lounge for the festivities? Check out the 40s black lace dresses and the 30s velvet beauties for a sexy and sophisticated look.... Office parties and friendly holiday get-togethers? You can't go wrong in a chic 50s little black dress (don't miss the Suzy Perette beauty) and floral print beauties.... Hostess with the mostest? You'll be hostess perfect in a 60s MOD dress like the gorgeous maxi Paganne , the paisley chiffon tent dress and the fun abstract sequined sweater number. Male Fashion Diggers will get noticed at any soiree when they add a vintage tie to their outfit... check out the cool skinnies, wild silks and the dapper bowties.

 What's New

Gray leather jacket w/fur trim from NYC VintageNYC Vintage:
Katie added even more terrific vintage finds to her shop... check out the spotted cowhide bag, the trendy plaid trench coat, the must-have leather and fur jacket, Courreges red logo handbag and the 80s red wool Krizia coat.

Mod sequined sweater dress from Marlene Wetherell Vintage Fashion & PhotographyMarlene Wetherell Vintage Fashion & Photography:
Marlene posted a great selection of designer and classic vintage pieces... check out the colorful Emilio Pucci velvet shirt, the chic Lilli Ann coat, elegant jeweled evening bag and fun checkered sweater dress.


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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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