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 Shopper's News - Coats & Capes

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Elegant Vintage Fringed Cape from A to Z CatwalkWrap yourself in a stylish vintage cloak this holiday season! The site is stocked with coats and capes perfect for any holiday event.... from casual parties to formal events.

Check out the 40s sophisticated velvet capes... 50s chic swing coats... 60s pea coats and MOD capes (don't miss the pink Lilli Anne coat with fox fur collar and cuffs)... funky 70s plaid coats and ponchos...

 New Shop

Red White Blue Bangles from circasixtythreecircasixtythree:
Our newest shop specializes in vintage Lucite jewelry and hard-to-find Joseph La Rose shoes. Check out the multi-colored vintage bangles... brown/cream, pink/red, blue/cream and the colorful swirled-hoop earrings. Don't miss the sexy LaRose stilettos and gold/silver sandals.

 What's New

Pat Hartly Plaid Dress from Orlando VintageOrlando Vintage:
Lisa just posted more stylish vintage finds including a purple Versace dress, a spectator style winter suit & coat sets, a spring green Lillie Rubin coat and a purple Lilli Ann suit, plus Margaret Smith handbags and 50s pleated skirts.

Cream lace crochet angel maxi from Something Old and New Something Old and New:
This shop added a beautiful cream lace angel sleeve maxi dresses, an adorable sheer floral disco dress, a mint Mexican embroidered top and several embroidered peasant dresses.

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Happy Digging - Barry and Janet

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