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 Shopper's Alert - Victor Costa

Hello Fashion Diggers...

Regal Victor Costa Velvet Jacket from Making A Comeback Well, we feel a Victor Costa moment coming on... maybe because the Golden Globes are just around the corner and how wonderful it would be to wear a vintage Costa while watching the festivities on our new HDTV!

The site is stocked with classic 80s Costa evening dresses like a royal blue silk satin off-the-shoulder gown, a hunter green velvet gown with feathers, a blue strapless evening gown with bow train, a black velvet evening jacket with gold & silver embroidery, a magenta ruffled taffeta party dress, a sexy gold polka-dot and lace beauty that dips down to the small of the back and fab bustier dresses with exaggerated peplums and attached pencil skirts.

 Spotlight on - Designer Ties

GUCCI Silk Neck Tie from Mid Century Chic Male Fashion Diggers can add a touch of red carpet sophistication with a vintage tie from their favorite era. Check out the designer beauties like colorful Emilio Pucci ties, silk Gucci stirrup prints, classic Hermès prints, cool skinny rat-pack ties and funky 50s designs.

 Book Review - The Evening Dress

The Evening Dress "The Evening Dress is a luscious look at the history of dressing to dazzle...a must for every dedicated follower of fashion!"

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